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hello and welcome to my world! tell you a bit about myself i am a positive girl ,always looking for things and people that keep me into a high state of vibration,high vibe feelings only i have a dreams,big dreams the main one is that i want to take part of this beautiful CHANGE IN THIS world by making a positive impact over it that kind of person who considers herself superior i am not that way i rather like to make jokes all ways and sarcasm is one of my strenght and that becouse i’ve understood how fun and short life is and that we are all one and the only thing that separate us as humans is the ego structure that we have build around us and in same time within usi’ve always appreciated the type of guys how to make a woman to feel herself like a real woman,here it’s about sex,fun,funtesies and so on and that’s why i am up to fulfill all your desires as long as you continue to make me feel high enought to make u feel like that see?in somehow is a one to one sexual energy exchange we both benefit out of our sexperience ok so lets get lost:P